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The need for dentures can occur at any age, though most often it occurs later in life. During this time your face shape can also change. A correctly fitted denture can help you maintain your facial composition, ensuring fuller lips and cheeks.

Don’t suffer from discomfort and lack of confidence. See what type of denture is suitable for you.

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Advantages of Dentures

Dentures can help patients in a number of ways:


chewing ability is improved by replacing edentulous areas with denture teeth.


the presence of teeth provide a natural facial appearance, and wearing a denture to replace missing teeth provides support for the lips and cheeks and corrects the collapsed appearance that occurs after losing teeth.


by replacing missing teeth, especially the anteriors, patients are better able to speak by improving pronunciation of words.


Patients feel better about themselves.

Ask Yourself 3 Questions

Do your dentures look natural?

Do they feel comfortable?

Do they make you feel confident?

If anyone of your answers is NO give us a call to make an appointment to discuss the design of a new set of dentures, a reline or just simply for repairs. Our same day service, premium quality workmanship and dedicated customer service make Minlaton Dental and Denture Clinic the very caring Denture people.

So, you need Dentures

Some people, although they may have answered ‘yes’ to one or all of the above questions, decide they will settle for the dentures they have because the thought of going without teeth for one to three months is not acceptable.

Relax, immediate dentures are the answer. To guarantee that your prosthesis looks natural and provides maximum comfort, the dentist and prosthetist must construct your immediate denture before remaining teeth are extracted. The immediate denture is then inserted immediately following removal of your teeth.