Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Your appointment will need to be paid for on the day. However, your health insurer may cover part of your treatment. Please contact them to enquire about this prior to your appointment. We do have payment plans available, however, please contact us prior to your appointment or commencement of your treatment to arrange this by clicking here, or call (08) 8853 2268.

Your first denture consultation at the clinic will be free.

For denture consults at other locations from the clinic, please contact us to enquire about the fee.

Your dentures should be looked at and reviewed every 18 months for adjustment. Even when your dentures feel quite comfortable, they should be inspected regularly to ensure no damage is being made to the mouth.

You shouldn’t consider your first set of dentures as the only set. Apart from being worn down by use, a denture will not appreciably alter in shape, but the supporting tissue is changing all the time. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your dentures are adjusted accordingly, to ensure optimal fit and wear.

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